Weeks 3-4

Over these last two weeks I have been getting stuck into a more substantial task: adding to the signature page. The signature page is where crash hunters can go to find out more information about a particular type of crash. It is organised into tabs, each showing different data, often with a form for further filtering. My task was to add a tab and display a particular graph in it.

Most of my time was spent getting my head around the flow of data between the client, the Django and the database. Instead of writing a long essay about what I did (I’ve written enough of those recently), I’ve made a diagrammatic representation of how the graph tab works. (It’s not quite ready to go live yet – there are a few things to iron out, mainly to do with getting the data from the database.)

Incidentally, the graph is drawn using MetricsGraphics.js, a Mozilla-made graph library based on D3 that specialises in time-series graphs. Worth checking out.


2 thoughts on “Weeks 3-4

    • Hi, thanks for reading! Actually I just made it in Inkscape – have had a bit of trouble finding good tools for making flowcharts, so let me know if you find one! (MetricsGraphics only makes a few basic types of graphs.)


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